Blogging Branson Family Style FAQ’s

Does family-style mean I can bring my family?

Yes! You, your companion, and up to two children for a total of 4 people.

I don’t have a family. Can I bring my co-workers or friends?

This will be considered on a one-by-one case.

Can I choose my date?

There are three dates to choose from and you can pick which one you prefer. Each date has a limited amount of availabilities. If your preference is full we will contact you with another option.

Can we bring the family pets?

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is a human-only destination.

Do I have to pay for any of the tickets or the hotel?

All sponsors are providing services at no cost to you.

Are there any meals included?

The hotel serves a hot breakfast buffet every morning and the Hughes Brothers Country Show serves a BBQ lunch with their show.

Are there any other events?

Yes! On Monday there will be a fun mixer event with members of the Branson community. You will be able to ask questions in press conference style, pick people to do Facebook live videos with, and gather more information to share on your brand.

Can I change the itinerary?

For 2022 you will need to attend each of the locations on this itinerary with your family to be considered as an applicant.

What do I need to supply for sponsorships?

Promote each location on your social media by sharing their benefits. Be sure and use #hosted at the end of each post. Our Vendors immensely appreciate video posts.  

Post one round-up blog about Branson as a family vacation destination that includes a paragraph, photo, and links of each sponsor. You must post the blog with links and pictures within 14 days of the event.