Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Blogging Branson Break-Out?
A: Blogging Branson Break-Out is a retreat for marketers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and business people.  By providing up to date, hands-on information, and collaborating with like-minded people, you will be able to move closer to your goals and maybe create some new ones!   It’s intended to help you break out of habits, learn new skills, and help you create new goals.

Q:  Are any meals included?  
A:   Yes!  You may actually put on a pound or two! 

* Breakfast will be served at the hotel on Saturday and Sunday.                       
* Lunch will be at Fall Creek Steakhouse on Saturday. 
* Opening and Closing events will include food. 
* Sponsored snack breaks each morning and afternoon. 

Q:   What if I want to come early or stay late?
A: YAY!!  When coming early or staying late, you will receive a fabulous rate of $79, including tax to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center.  That also includes a hot breakfast buffet each morning!

Q: What kind of hotel room is included in the price of registration?
A:  A standard queen room for Friday, May 1, 2020, and Saturday, May 2, 2020, is included in the price of registration. 

Q:   Can I bring a guest or my family?
A: Yes!  Your family is welcome to stay at the Stone Castle Hotel while you are attending the conference.  They will be able to enjoy the hot breakfast buffet each morning in the breakfast room as well as attend the final closing event at no charge.

Q:   Can my family attend the pre or post Create Your Own Adventure activities?  
A:   The pre and post Create Your Own Adventure activities will be sponsoring your brand.  Those sponsorships will be set up for you by Blogging Branson.  The number of people will be based on the size of your brand and will be determined individually.  It is possible for your entire family to attend certain venues as part of your sponsorship.

Q: Do I have direct access to the sponsors, and can I contact them to promote my brand?
A:   Yes!  You will be given all the contact information for every venue you attend.

Q: May I bring my family to the keynote speakers?  
A: The keynote speakers are a ticketed event.  Your ticket is included in the registration price.  If your family members would like they can purchase a ticket when they go on sale.  Those tickets will be available at the Hughes Brothers Theatre, 417-334-0076. 

Q: Will the Workshop Relays be recorded?
A:  No.  These workshops are intended to be hands-on and want the individual attendees to feel safe in talking about their brand.  These will not be shared outside of our group.  and we ask that you not record them

Q:   What is the dress code?
A: Whatever you are the most comfortable wearing.  Anything from pajamas to a business suit works!  Be sure and wear layers because spring in the Ozarks is unpredictable.  

Q:   Can I transfer my keynote speaker ticket?
A: All tickets are non-transferrable and will require your credentials to attend.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A:  You are responsible for your own transportation to events.  The majority of the events are held at the hotel.  Those that are not you can always call UBER, a taxi or bum a ride with a friend! 

Q: Do I have to work while I am at the retreat?
A: That is up to you.  There will be many brands/ sponsors providing different meals, snacks, and activities.  We will provide the hashtags so they can track the response.  #WillWorkForFood 

Q: Is there a discount if I share a room with another attendee?
A: Absolutely!  The registration is available with or without a hotel.

Q: Can I stay at my timeshare or a campground?
A: Yes.  Registration is available with or without a hotel.