Amiryah Martin

Amiyrah Martin has the solution for young moms who are short on time and working with a tight budget: find the fun in frugality. 

As a young wife and mom, she found herself unprepared for her new roles and responsibilities. She didn’t know how to budget for her new family and soon found herself in extreme debt. Determined to make a better way of life she buckled down made a plan to get out of debt. In less than 2 years she paid off $36,000 in debt.

To hold herself accountable to her plan, she began writing about her process online. These journals evolved into the 4 Hats and Frugal blog which, 11 years later, still provides tips and tricks for living a full life on less.

On 4 Hats and Frugal, Amiyrah shares easy to apply strategies and tools to manage a busy schedule, simplify fashion and beauty,  plan memorable family experiences, create a tailor-made meal plan, and streamline the grocery shopping process. These are Amiyrah’s life hacks develops to help moms save time and money. 

Connect with Amiyrah for all things food, fun, fashion, and family with a frugal twist on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest at 4 Hats and Frugal. 

Workshop Description

Amiyrah Martin: Clarity In Community Building

Community is a big part of branding and business building, but have we really figured out how to measure it effectively? In this intensive, we’ll explore how to deep dive into your community analytics on Instagram, use data to substantially grow your platform, pitch access to your community to brands and consumers, and create authority and consistent income via your social media following (even if you don’t have 10K and a swipe up).

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