Angie Roberts Harris

Angie has spent over 40 years in sales and marketing evolving from newspaper and television into the digital and social media world.

In 1992 she helped create a television station, The Vacation Channel where she helped grow and create marketing programs for the station as well as area businesses. This strong sales and marketing background expanded into her own brand, Going Out The Door.

Angie has used her marketing and organizational skills to create several festivals over the years including the very first opening ceremony for a Miss USA Pageant, Bransonfest, American Family Fest, and Summer Fest.

Currently, Angie is the owner and producer of Blogging Branson, Going Digital Media and Her agency, Going Digital Media, represents a number of businesses and designs their social and digital content, marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and events.

Workshop Description

Angie Roberts Harris: I’m Just Going to Need a Minute!

Time Management for Fast-Paced High Achievers

What kinds of things stop you from reaching your goals?  The mounting emails, dishes, and laundry weighing you down?  There are only so many minutes in the day and how you spend them determines how you reach your goals.  Practice these amazing time-management skills and turn your ordinary life into a goal-reaching money-making machine.

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