Corey Jenkins

Corey has nearly two decades of design, development and IT project management experience. He has contributed to projects ranging from local business websites to multi-million dollar corporate and government solutions.

Corey has traveled the world presenting on best practices for website development, data dissemination, and social media.  His current work emphasizes functional design and process improvement.  

Corey currently sings the praises of WordPress 5 and Gutenberg, giving workshops and lectures on how to get the most out of the technology and what is in store in the future.

Workshop Description

Corey Jenkins: Making Peace with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

A lot has changed in the WordPress work over the last 18 months.  Let Corey Jenkins guide you through what you need to know and what may make your life easier and your site more successful. By the end, you will understand your WordPress site a little better and will hopefully be loving Gutenberg like he does. 

Sponsored by Clay Cooper’s Country Express